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Indian Nights: Not So Fast Begining

Hello again,

Has it already been I week? Great, I like posting.

So this week I finished my little between project on Saturday.
I think it is really cute, and the patter was super easy. I made it for my sister's 3rd birthday on Friday and I really hope she likes it. I think she will as she generally likes stuffed animals.

So I finished that and I should have gotten a good bit of progress on the first square of my Indian Nights blanket, right?

I even had the day off school yesterday, but I didn't hardly touch my knitting. I have been spending just about every moment of my free time on statistics lately. But I should be done with that soon and hopefully get back to knitting.

But I have been adding little by little to my flock of paper cranes. There are twelve of them now.
I have been folding them as something mindless to keep my hands busy when doing my German audio lesson. Maybe this flock will get as big as the one I had before I moved, that flock was 1200 though. I am 1/…

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